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Fibreglass Pools

spasa wa swimming pool and spa association of wa fibreglass pools

Fibreglass swimming pools have come a long way since the early 1970s when pools were hand made and manufactured without the assistance of any form of equipment. Today fibreglass swimming pools have rapidly increased in popularity due to the application of advanced swimming pool technology. Earlier fibreglass swimming pools were only available in a basic blue colour.

Buying a pool in winter isn’t as crazy as you might think as it allows time to plan ahead. A fibreglass swimming pool takes approximately six weeks to settle after installation. This time is necessary for the surrounding earth to fully compact ready for your selected paving.

Winter is also the best time to establish your garden and pool surroundings. With water restrictions, it’s a good idea to make the most of the winter rain to maximise your garden’s potential before summer. Another benefit of landscaping in winter is that most plants are entering their growth cycle, so initiating your pool and garden plans in winter means that your backyard will have longer to mature before the summer entertaining period.


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