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Lap Pools 2018

Lap Pool Concrete

GOLD WINNER | Blue Stone Pools
This 22m x 2.2m concrete lap pool in Mullaloo was designed and constructed solely by the pool builder with a brief to create a resort feel atmosphere. A relatively complex project due to the pool being constructed after the home was completed and habitable requiring the relocation of services with minimum downtime. The lap pool features an infinity weir trough on the boundary line and a timber decking walkway framing the pool and the house. The pool is finished in glass bead plaster with 6x 1800litre water harvesting tanks installed around the property to collect top up water for the pool

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Lap Pool Fibreglass

GOLD WINNER | Sapphire Pools
This custom-made fibreglass lap pool was manufactured from slicing two pools and joining them to form one 16 metre length pool causing a significant logistical requirement for transport, lifting and installation when sliding the pool under the alfresco.  The pool features a swimming lane of mosaic tiles, 4 feature LED lights and hand rails at both ends that make for easy entry and exit. With travertine headers and paving the pool has transformed the whole backyard area.

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Lap Pool Vinyl

GOLD WINNER | Poolscape Pools
This vinyl lap pool in silver sands is 23m long, 2.2m wide & 1.2m deep with an infinity grate spillover system. All the walls were engineered to double brick to ensure there were no issues with load bear on the pool. The pool has solar heating, 6 Belson mini changing pool lights and runs with a Waterco 1.5hp eco pump.

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